Hi People,

I am currently putting the LDAP Contextless login icing on my Citrix
Environment and run into a bit of a problem.

Basically I have set a default profile with no default context and set it
not to "Save Settings on Exit" and that's fine. I have my LDAP conextless
login working fine, when I enter a username and press Tab it finds it or if
multiples exist within my search scope I am prompted to select the correct

When I add the TSAutoAdminClientLogon registry key under
HKLM\software\Novell\Login\ on my Citrix/TS boxes with the intention of
having a seamless login through from the initial Citrix APP/User Desktop.
i.e. user loads the Citrix Published Application, authenticates and these
credentials are passed through to the NWGINA for the purpose of
automatically logging the user in. What appears to be happening is that if
it is the first time the user logs then the LDAP search works perfectly and
they login, script runs etc without even seeing the NW login screen but
there context is left in the registry as the last successful context which
is then effecting consecutive logins of other users as it stops the LDAP
login from working. when this happens I get the error "Unable to login would
you like to try and login into windows local machine Blah blah". My username
and password are entered in the corresponding fields and if I go an delete
the last character of the username and re-enter it, press TAB and hit enter
it logs in, login script runs etc etc.

Does anyone have any idea of how I can stop the contexts from being
remembered through this login process? I have tried everything I can think
of and I just cant get it to work. my overall goal is to have everyone in a
very large tree being able to be assigned to one group which is linked to my
AD environment which provide TS access and they don't have enter the NDS
username and password to the Novell login or have to be in one container so
I can set the Default profile to only have one context.

Any help would much appreciated. sorry for the long winded approach.