Hi everyone,

I am Jazz here. Just wonder anyone of you out there could give me some
solution on my critical issue here.

My company network is running on a mixed network environment comprised of
Microsoft Windows workgroup & Novell netware server v.4.11. All of our
clients pc running Win98 , win2000 and Win XP SP2.Our main network is
highly rely on the novell server v.4.11, and thus all client are
installed with Novell Client.

Since the launch of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), we have faced a
lot of problem dealing with the compatibility issue between the Novell
Client & Win XP SP2. Thanks to Novell Client ver 4.91 and its patches,
the low performance and hanging issues have resolved in most cases except
one, which has suffering me much recently.

We have a Windows 2000 terminal server(SP4) with buitt-in backborn of
Novell Netware 3.11/3.12 (a modified version of OS bundled together from
DELL). The server model is Dell Powervault NAS. Wonder anyone has similar
kind of configuration or model brought from DELL???
We make this server as Novell Binary Server(not NDS, due to its backborn
limitation) and works as company file server. MS Words, Powerpoints and
Excel files are store here. When Win XPSP2 users access those files from
network, (edit network documents, opening files are fast) Word 2000/Excel
2000/powerpoint 2000 take long time to save the file, even though the
files are small in size. And these can easily take up time range from 15
seconds to few minutes. Office 97 and below installed on XPSP2 machines
are not affect. This problem only occurred on Office 2000 & above. With
Office 2000, with the same files if I save them to the main Novell Server
v4.11, no sign of poor performance.These problem was never happened way
before the launch of Win XPSp2 and Novell Client 4.83. I have no way of
downgrading the XPSP2 to SP1 due to windows liciensing issue as there are
OEM version bundled by DELL.

However, with the same machines, if we were to uninstall the novell
Client 4.91 and replace with Microsoft Client for Novell, the issue as
mentioned above never occur.I have tested Office 2000 and Office XP, all
ok with Microsoft Client for Novell. This seems to be the solution, but
the Microsoft Client for Novell do lacks lot of friendly configuration
which found in Novell client, that we cannot afford to tradeoff.

I have try very hard to search all possible patches and knowledgebase in
Novell website to battle the problem, but still can't find any issue
realted to this. I even have all the Office patched, but still failling
to solved it.

I am losing my way. PLEASE HELP..............

thank you in advance