Our COO's notebook keeps disconnecting from the network at random
intervals when accessing the network. He'll open a document, modify it,
and when trying to save it, he gets an access denied message and can't
browse any network drives... However, the M$ network is unaffected which
would suggest a Novell client/server issue.

His notebook is a Toshiba Tecra A2 (with latest SP's from Toshiba)
running Windows XP Sp2 (fully patched) and running Novell Client 4.91
(fully patched from files downloaded from filefinder, however, I have
not installed beta patches).
I upgraded the client from 4.90 Sp2d to 4.91 to see if it would resolve
the problem, which it has not.

The server which keeps being dropped is a NW6.0 server patched to Sp4
and is IP only (no IPX on the network). I will be applying Sp5 this
weekend to see if that helps.

HP Procure 100/1000MB switch ports are set to AUTO as is the network card.

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated as his patience is
wearing thin and I don't want to be around when he explodes :\


Ps. Novell Zenworks 6.5 Sp1 desktop management is also installed