Here is my solution to using dual network cards for what its worth. Windows
sometimes gets confused as to which card it has to navigate out in the
cards. Using Route add at a dos prompt for the client helps.
eg. Route Add Mask for the
respective ip addresses on your network.


> Hello,
> I have been here before with a similar problem, but never managed to get
> it fixed properly so here we go again.
> I have a Netware server used for storing files and running GroupWise. I
> also have an NT4 domain and have just created a new Active Directory
> domain as I want to migrate my users to the new domain.
> WIthin this new domain I have created a new webserver which will also act
> as our proxy server. This new webserver has two network cards, one
> connected to the local network with a static IP address and the other
> connected to the internet router, also with a static IP address. Windows
> 2000 server is installed with the latest service pack (4) and security
> patches. ISA server 2004 is also installed.
> All was well until I installed the Novell Client 4.91. The client cannot
> find my novell server on the internal network card. I have disabled the
> external network card and rebooted, removed the Novell client binding from
> the external network card but still no luck.
> I have had this before on a different machine with dual NICs. If I remove
> the external network it will work, but I need to have both cards in the PC.
> I need to have access to the NOvell server because I want to have the GWIA
> and the GroupWise Web Access running on this new webserver.
> Anyone else had this problem?
> Kees