update, in case anyone else is running into this:

I discovered that the problem has something to do with allowing windows
to manage the wireless networking. If I uncheck the box that lets
windows run the show, and allow the intel software to control things,
the boot delay is only about 10 seconds. that's
acceptable...although, "o" would be better;-) interesting, that it
only seems to be a problem in the presence of the netware client.

more recent bios updates and nw client updates, susbsequent patches to
the 4.91 client had no effect.

Chuck Wrote:
> I don't think I'm the first one to report it here. I found other older
> threads talking about the same thing...no solutions, though. some
> people
> commented that they suspected the wireless cards, but no firm
> conclusions.
> Anyway, maybe one of the sysops that has connections can send it up
> the
> pipeline. Its not a "critical" issue for us...mostly just an
> annoyance.
> "Tony Pedretti" <ynotpe@NOSPAMhotmail.com> wrote in message
> news:kZhFd.946$hL4.625@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com...
> > Understood.
> > Unfortunately you're the first one that has reported it out here.

> So its
> not likely that
> > its very common.
> > Unless someone opens an service request with Novell, they may not be

> aware
> of the issue to
> > fix it. And without being able to reproduce it on one of our

> workstations, I can't
> > justify to my management being that someone.
> >
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