Greetings all,

Here is my scenario. We have a front desk that has a few people
throughout the day that use it. Currently we have a "generic" user
that the staff use to log on to the machine. This works fine and dandy
until the day the password needs to be changed, someone is fired, or
the fact that the password is shared willingly because it is a "shared"
account, thus creating a security issue.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way that I can define a group of
people/accounts that can unlock the workstation of each other. This
way, I can assign usernames/passwords to each individual person and
they can just type in their credentials to get back on to the machine
and take over where the last person left off. It is important that
they can unlock the workstation and not just logoff the current user.
For us, this would create a much more secure environment because now
each person is unique instead of having a generic user account that
everyone knows about. In addition, we are seeing biometrics on the
horizon, and I doubt biometrics are going to work very well with a
shared generic user account.

I know we are not the only company facing this issue as I see it
EVERYWHERE. Almost every company I have spoken with faces the same
issue and addresses it with a shared generic user. I just can't
believe that after all these years nobody has ever tackled this
security issue!