I am trying to configure our Windows 2000 clients to not have the
Workstation Only option on their Novell 4.9 sp2 clients. The way it is
set up is that if the network is detected then it will force them to
logon, if no network is detected then it will automatically allow a
workstation only logon.

The issue I have is that if there is no network and the workstation only
option is used we get a NETWARE SECURITY MESSAGE that says "The tree or
server could not be found. Choose a different tree or server". After
this message it goes through okay. I want to either: 1.Eliminate this
message altogther or 2. Change the wording to something like "A tree or
server was not found, now logging in locally"

Any Ideas what I can do, or what file contains the message script so I
can change it?