I have this laptop that I use at differnt sites and have run into an
issue I can't figure out.

XP-Pro, NW client 4.90 SP2

Home server is 6.5 SP3, IP only

The last place I visited was 6.5 SP2 IP only.

Now that I'm home again, I cannot seem to get rid of the tree that is
listed in the "Trees" button (Advanced, Trees) on the NDS tab of the
login screen. Further, I have to put the IP address of my home server in
the server box in order to log in, otherwise "Tree or Server cannot be
found". I have removed all references to the remote tree, context and
server from the client properties.

If I go into Network Places, Entire Network, Netware Directory Services,
I can see my home tree as well as the remote tree and remote server. Not
actually having a connection to the remote server, I obviously cannot
browse that tree.

So the question is, I guess, is this information being cached locally
somewhere and if so, how do I purge that information?