Windows 2003 Server sp1, Novell Client 4.91a, Remote Desktop Client

We are trying to run applications on TS 2003, a server session has to be
logged into a Windows domain and a tree. We have the same user credentials
in both. I have setup a default profile that sets the correct context and
windows domain. The problem I have is that when the credentials are supplied
via Remote Desktop Client, the Novell client interprets them incorrectly.

If username, password and domain are supplied we get the error message
username context pair is illegal. Clicking ok the Novell client has
domain\username values in username box and the windows domain is empty.

If username and password is supplied then I get the error message no doamin
controller could be found.

I have added the reg keys as follows

(new key) DefaultLocationProfile REG_SZ Value: Default
(new key) TSClientAutoAdminLogon REG_SZ Value: 1

Many Thanks