Since upgrading a WinXP laptop to SP2 (plus all the additional patches to
date), I have had trouble connecting to the network. Usually the first
login results in "a required network service has not started. please check
your error log for details" message. Weirdly, all I have to do is wait for
the time out, then log in again and I connect ok.

To solve the problem, I installed the 4.9.1 client. No problem connecting
to the server, but now I have another problem. I can't use the NetWare
Copy function (right button in an explorer window) to copy directories from
the server to a local drive.

I've duplicated a key data directory tree on the server onto my laptop and
daily do a NetWare copy from the server version to the laptop (with the
copy file only if newer & copy subs options). This is an amazingly fast
and easy way for me to keep a key data directory tree in sync. [The NetWare
drive is map-rooted; the local directory, obviously, isn't.)

The problem: with the 4.9.1 client, I get a message that the recipient
drive is not a network resource (it reports the Drive letter - d/ - rather
than the subdirectory path into which I'm copying things) and it refuses to
do the copy. With the 4.8.3 client, I get the same warning message
(although it sees the directory pathname d:/dir/sub) but also an option to
continue, which I do.

Am I stuck between a rock and a hard place? I don't know which of the WXP
patches is causing the attach problem with the 4.8.3 shell so I don't know
what to remove or fix. So it now takes almost an extra 2-3 minutes to log
in to the network from my laptop. (This is a simple network: no bridges,
no routers; IPX.)

But the NetWare Copy function is even more essential.

Does anybody have any ideas?