Hi Folk,
We have our DOS accounting app Accpac Plus. When it ran under NT4
workstation, man it was stable, and when the user received an email
notification message (windows popup broadcast message), that DID NOT
disturbe the DOS app and you would not know you had an email until you
exited the DOS app.

Here is the problem, we have moved the workstation to XP Pro due to the
old NT WS dieing (it happens). Unfortunatly when the XP machine gets
notification that there is an email, and if you are in the middle of
printing within the Accpac Plus DOS app ... the printing gets disrupted
due to the dos app being reduced into a dos box, and the printout (of a
check) gets cut in half! Quite a funky print out. I have tried lots of
settings on the PIF that controls the dos app, re screen savers, fast
pasing, etc. but to no avail.

Any ideas how to only have the popup broadcast message display within
windows and not affect the full screen dos app? And please don't say use a
dos box because its just way too hard on the eyes for a user to enter
within a small dos box.

This works PERFECTLY under NT using the exact same pif, but if you run
that pif under XP ... our dos apps get interupted when there is a
broadcast message.

Les Elton
Network Admin.
ABC Recycling Ltd