NetWare 6.0 SP5, Client SP1a...
I've been using the setupip.exe to install our client for about a year
now without problems from our NW box using Apache. I'm not positive if
this is the cause, but since applying SP5, the setupip has gone from
taking about 30-40 seconds to download the client to about 9-10 minutes.
All of this is done within the LAN. I even tried another server, with
the same results.

It appears that this slowness only exists with the setupip utility as
I've copied a 25 MB file to the same web server and downloaded it from
the browser with excellent results. I've also downloaded the latest
client and tried that setupip, with the same results.

I want to bring up another NW6SP4 box in development and apply SP5 to
determine if the patch is in fact what caused the slow down, but I
figured I'd ask in here first before doing so.