Ok, donít laugh, but we are in the middle of replacing all 98 machines
with XP, (Yes I Know Iím a little behind the times.) and after several
weeks of almost complete success, the last two days have been complete
failure. Here is whatís going on.

Whenever an XP box tries to logon to the network, their login takes
forever. Typically after several minutes the results box appears and
there are several failures to different servers in the tree. On the
server where the home directories are located the utilization goes form
less than 10% to 84% and greater. The only way for the utilization to go
down is to cut the XP box off.

I have 4 servers, two 6.5 and two 6.0 sp5. The home directories are on
the 6.0 server and that is the one that is pegged out. I am also running
client 4.91 on the XP boxes. For what it is worth, we are using ZEN,
roaming profiles and dynamic local users. The odd thing here is that
for the past 3 weeks everything has been working just fine. From what I
can tell no changes have been made. We have just steadily been adding
about 5 XP boxes a day. There is one XP box that does not seem to be
affected in any way, but I canít seem to find anything too different than
some of the other boxes.

Please help as my network is all but completely down nowÖ..