We have setup the v4.91 SP1 client so that it doens't do multicast
requests. We've turned SLP Discovery to off and made our service location
settings static. This seems to work as expected. The only problem that
we're seeing is that with these settings like that when you first boot up
the machine and get the client login if you put in your password right
away and try to login it comes back saying that the tree could not be
found. You can still login if you go to advanced, trees and select your
tree. If the client boots up their machine and waits a few seconds (about
10) then they can just enter their password and it goes in just fine. Does
anybody have any input as to what is going on during this delay and how we
could change it so it doesn't have a delay. Our users are not going to be
willing to stare at their screens a few seconds each morning before
logging in but we are also trying to turn off multicast requests. Thanks.

Jane Ridge
University of NC at Greensboro