Our system: NW6.5 sp3, NWclient 4.91, WIndowsXP, Autodesk Building Systems
2006 (ABS)

We are having a problem when creating a new project i ABS. The ABS can't
edit the project.configuration files on a NSS volume or traditional netware
volume. We have tried several different setups and can only make it work on
a Windows share or locally on the Windows workstation.
We have asked in newsgroups and the answer is that, this will only work on a
Windows server or locally. I would very much avoid buying a Windowsserver in
stead of Novell-servers, but ABS is about to be a crucial application, so is
there a solution?



P.S: For your information i have copypasted one of the answers to our
The answer:
let me save you enough time & energy to pay for a windows server.
projects work great on c drives & windows servers.
projects work on novell, but a user cannot edit the details, etc on novell,
among other things.
If your IT guy says it is an autocad problem, it is not, it is novell.
setup your project on your c drive, using windows explorer copy the folders
to novell, edit apj with an xml editor. do not use copy project structure
from navigator. no user should have the project set current while doing
autodesk does not support novell.
you can call your reseller &/or autodesk, but they do not have a solution.
from autodesk
" To be honest with you, I don't know very much about Novell since we don't
support it. The only client available for XP that I am aware of is the
Novell Client 4.91 for Windows 2000/XP English. Below is the link for that.
http://download.novell.com/SummaryFr...d=2ss2JIYshRc~ As I
mentioned in my last email that there are some issues with running a Novell
server with Project Navigator and they are not supported, and since they are
not supported I cannot guaranty that after installing the Novel Client you
are not going to run into issues. For the above reasons, I am going to be
closing the support request."
it seems that novell they are refering to does not work anyway.
google 'project navigator novell' & you might find some answers.
otherwise, use an xml editor & find the best way that works for you OR buy
windows server.