My question is this: I would like to continue to use DLU on Win2K3 in a domain. But, I need to make a TCP connection to an SQL database. The credentials are not passed via this method. I have seen on cool solutions where it is recommended that a batch file be created to populate a variable to pass the credentials but this is for named pipes not TCP. Any suggestions?

I had seen this previous post but, again it doesn't apply to the situation I mention.

In a previous post wrote:
>Also make sure you don't have a ZENworks Dynamic Local User (DLU) policy forcing a local
>login instead of a domain login.
>If you do have a DLU policy and want to disable it just for that PC take a look at this TID:

>Hamish Speirs wrote on 2005-10-05 11:27 AEST:
>> Dave,
>>> I don't have the slightest clue where to post this question. So mabye
>> >someone can help. I administer a department of about 2000 students on
>> >our netware server. The IT department controlls the database that I
>> >need on a windows domain. If configure my computer and add it to
>> >their domain I can connect to the Oracle database. If I login under
>> >my Netware Client. I keep getting errors that the database cannot be
>> >found. I can map to the drives but canot connect to the database
>> >through ODBC. Is there a way that I can connect to both the domain
>> >controller and Netware?

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> >Join the domain, then from the initial login screen go to Advanced ->
> >Windows NT/2K/XP, change the "From" field to be the domain.
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