I'm in a school district, and our students have accounts.

We are 6.5 OE1 using client 4.91e on XP sp2

The students found a workaround for the the limit concurent connections
restrictions. They discovered it on our old 98 machines running 3.42
client. The work around works under XP/2000 as well.

The students are restricted to 1 concurent connection.

The students will get a bunch of friends and at the novell login screen
one kid will place his login and passord in the blanks, The kids will then
simultainiously hit enter. All the machines will login under the one
students login.

I reported this last year and was told that it was an insecurity issue with
98, and that it should not happen under 2000/XP.

Today I tested it and logged in 5 machines with a limited to 1 login, Kids
have claimed to be able to get upto 15 machines logged in under a single
restricted login.