I came in to new place of work to find out there login take for ever! (Even
for Netware 6 shop running IPX and IP.. Working on fixing that).

1st thing I did take all the programs that where running with a # and chnage
it to a @ that help a ton.

But still got hung up for about 20 secs at the begin of the login.(Right
after it connects to server till it runs the script) In comes Tid 10087442.
It points out that InoculateIT cause this issue. Sure enough it does. If
disable InoculateIT or even diable portect network drives login script runs
in 5 sec flat.. :)

Problem they don't run antivirus on there Novell servers. So I want somthing
to potect those drives.

What files does Novell client access when runs a login script?