Can't browse \\Ip-address\SYS either. Going to a CMD prompt and typing in
dir \\server\SYS produces "The network path was not found." But using the
full DNS name works like a champ.

Where I started from:
Client: XP SP2 4.91patch"A".
Server: Fresh install of Netware 6.5 via overlay CD to a new Dell 2850
server. All went well.

Updated NSS to NSS3a patch. Restarted server. Same issue. Updated client
to 4.91sp1. Success!

But as soon as the computer was restarted, the issue came back. SLP is
setup properly as this is the only server that I'm having this problem with.
This server will be used exclusively as a ZFD 6.5 desktop management server.

Any hints on why \\Server\SYS produces the dreaded \\Server\SYS is not
accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource.
Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access
permissions. The network path was not found.

Well, I'm the admin, and have full admin rights to the server object. :)

This is a big issue as ZFD 6.5 won't install until the short server name
issue is cleared up.

I'm perplexed.