i will tell you a short situation/story, maybe you have any idea…

user 1 is connected on the LAN to his WINXP pc with novell id ID1 and
windows NT id ID2
he has access to a server share SERVER1\Share and works with OUTLOOK

now he is on business trip for some weeks… if he starts his notebook maybe
in the hotel,
does a WINXP logon with the "USERID cache" as he has no LAN connection… so
he must enter his
novell/windows password he last entered on the LAN

then he starts a modem dialin connection… he can work now with internet,
mainframe hosts…
if he wants to start outlook and connect to server\share this is no
problem as the "cached password" and the password on the LAN

(windows domain)
is the same…

so now on "day 61" (nt domain password rules every 60 days the password
expires) the nt domain password has expired and is waiting

for changing…
but the user is not possible to connect to the LAN as he is still on
business trip… he also doesn´t know that his windows nt pwd is

already expired…

he starts his WINXP with the "cached pwd" as he has no LAN connection,
starts the dialin connection… can work with internet, host

BUT: if he now want´s to access a server share or open outlook it´s not
possible as his password is expired…

so what can be done?