I am running into a few problems with the Netware Client on a Windows 2003
server with SP1.

I have a network with 3 existing Windows 2003 servers (not running SP1 yet),
and I added a 4th (I installed SP1 on this during installation).

The netware client was installed after SP1, and during the installation
Windows warns that this software is not compatible with this version of
Windows. I downloaded the latest client 4.91 SP1, and it gave me the same
message, but I installed it (Windows is the backup server backing up
Netware, it requires the client installed).
After the Netware client installation, I get an error message that a service
fails on reboot, no mention in the event logs as to which service fails, and
I can not find the service that is failing.

The other problem I am having is that this is a domain controller, and if I
do not reboot it every couple days Windows Active Directory syncronization

Since I have not upgraded the other Windows 2003 servers in this domain to
SP1, and I am only haveng this problem on this server, I wonder if it is
because SP1 for Windows 2003 does not support the Netware client.

Can anyone tell me whether this is the case or not?

Thank you.