After the last client w/Servicepack was pu in use, we experience allot of
this problems that the user can't login. In most cases when this problem
appeare, it happens after a ACU upgrade.
The latest version we use is Client 4.91 SP1.

This problemes was always solved when i uninstall the client and did a
clean installation of the client.

Today i got this problem with another computer running Win2000
Proffesional. It had already an clean installation of C4.91SP1 and it was
working for 2weaks without problems. Now the same problem with "no tree or
server was found". I can browse the Tree, but i get an errormsg if i try
to browse Context.

I uninstalled the client and did again a new and clean installation
without any luck. I then locked the settings for det NIC and then it
suddenly start to work again.

Is there some issues with hardware-settings on the NIC? The computer have
a 3Com 905C Card and i locked it to 10Mbits/Half Duplex. After this it

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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