I've got a problem I've experienced on multiple machines with various
versions of NWClient and I'm stumped.

Anytime I put XPPROSP2 or Win2kSP4 on a workstation with NWClient
(4.83, 4.90, 4.91, doesn't matter) when you right-click on a shortcut
to an application it takes forever for the menu to come up. It DOES
NOT do this on non-applications such as pdf's, documents, or even

It doesn't matter if I'm logged into a NW Server/tree or just logged in
locally to just the workstation.

Also, it doesn't occur on Win2kSP3 or XPPROSP1

I've tried lowering the name resolution timeout to no avail and I
checked under protocol preferences that the hosts file is not enabled.

Any ideas?