I'm having this really weird issue on several of our netware file servers.

** Out set-up:
NW65 servers with SP4A and N65NSS4B patch.

** A large number of our users have following problem in certain folders:

They can only see files that start with A to O, files that start letter
P to Z are invisible (via Novell Client). These files can be seen
through webaccess though. If you rename the file to a filename that
starts with A-O via webaccess it apears again when you access it trough
a driveletter or UNC path. So, the files are there but aren't shown. -

The affected folders all seem to have a few files with no name, only
visible via webaccess. These files can't be deleted. Maybe these no-name
files are the reason of my problem. But how did they get there and how
to delete them?

** We tried
- upgrade to SP4A
- to rebuild the pool after installing the latest NNS patch (4B): NSS
- NSS /VisibilityRebuild=VOLUMENAME

None work, we are desperate and more and more users/folders seem affected.

Is there anyone out there that know how we can fix this major issue?

Wouter Mignon
Sysadmin KHLeuven dept. Rega