Hello: I think this is somewhat of a repost, but I can't find my
orginal post. Sorry 'bout that.

We have 14 HP Vectra VLi8 workstations running Windows 2000. We are
having a major problem of Black Screens of Death after the workstation
goes into screensaver mode AND turns off the monitor (power saver).
Here are the workstation specifics:
HP Vectra VLi8 (PIII, 128MB, 3com 3c905 nic)
Windows 2000 sp4 + ALL MS updates, including drivers for graphics and
Client 4.91sp1, inluding ndps (no iprint)
ZfD Client 7.0 (remote management, etc)
Groupwise 6.0sp4 client (notify in startup)
OpenOffice 1.1.5 (quickstart in startup).
CA AV 7.1
IP only
LDAP contextless login

Since the machines completely lockup, I have no error messages
what-so-ever, no logs, nothing. Only a dead machine.

I had read somewhere about making sure lgncxw32.dll is date may 24,
2005, which it is. I have also obtained an unpublished ntdll.dll
hotfix for windows 2000 from microsoft.

Again sorry if this is a report.