We have a shop running OES NetWare with 80 PC clients with Windows XP
and varying versions of Client32. LDAP Contextless Login is turned on
everywhere, specifying the same LDAP server. With 2 of the 80 systems,
when you change the login name and then hit tab or mouse click in the
password box they hang with an hourglass. (It never gets to the red
N.) The only recovery is to power off the system. I am assuming the
LDAP lookup is the issue. One of the systems has Client32 4.90.1 and
the other is 4.91.1. Both have ZFD 4ir5 agents.

On the 4.91.1 system, I removed Client32 and reinstalled it without
NMAS. Then I got a lgncxw32 error "LADP server not specified". That's
better than the hang, but the server IS specified. Adding NMAS
resulted in the same error. I compared the ldap dll's in the System32
folder with those of a system that works and they are the same. Any
other thoughts?