As we have been upgrading to faster computers, WinXP, and newer
clients I have been running into a problem where the user turns on the
computer in the morning and logs in. Gets errors in the login scripts
when attempting to map drives "server not found."

What I found was that the machine is connecting to the other server in
the office (GW server). If they sit there for 2-4 minutes, or let the
machine sit at the login for about two minutes they will login fine.

This is using client 4.9 on up. I've considered SLP but it is setup
the same in two other offices that do not have this problem.

SLPINFO/ALL looks exactly like one from a working machine. About 3 out
of 30 machines have this problem. They are all different.

I have added Static entries to the Scope and DA on the client but that
didn't help. Does anything else come to mind? We are stuck on what
even to look for.

Bob J. Taylor
Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.
bob.taylor at