A coworker has a Win2K machine with Novell Client 4.90.2 set up in the
following manner. A user would first need to log in and authenticate to
our servers at which time a local profile is created. After this the user
is able to disconnect their network cable and log in locally while using
the profile previously created, without having a local user account.
Workstation Only and Advanced buttons are disabled so this all happens
behind the scene for the user.

I am trying to replicate this behavior on a WindowsXP SP2 image that I am
creating with Novell Client 4.91. I copied every setting from the client
on the 2000 machine to the client on the WinXP machine but it does not
work properly. I can log in while wired fine. However, when I
disconnect the cable and attempt to log in I recieve an error stating "No
Domain Controller Found". I understand that it can't find the DC because
I'm not wired, but the 2K machine proceeds to log in locally without
giving this error and I do not understand why or how to get this to work
on the XP machine.

In summary I would like my WindowsXP SP2 machine with Client 4.91 to
attempt a network login. Upon failure I would like the user to be logged
in locally while utilizing the same profile they use when logged in to
the network. I would also like this done without having to creating a
local user account for every user. Is there any way I can get this to
work? Thanks in advance for any help provided!