I am getting workstations with login error 8885 while trying to map drives
to either server during login.
"The error code was 8885"

Most workstations are running (no, 4.91 is not an option for
my location, we run zfd2sp & 4.91 wont work with it for DLU & such).

Server utilization on both the nw50sp6b(r/w) & nw51sp8(master) server are
nominal, plenty of space on all volumes,

I have done an NLS kill & reinstall on the tree so I dont think this is a
reasonable answer, an annual NLS kill & reinstall is dumb.

One fix i saw in the newsgroups for this was going pure IPX, and that surely
is not an option either..

The only thing I could really find on Novell's site was this:
0x 8885 CONNECT FAILED Explanation: The connection failed. Action: See
Reporting Error Code Problems to Novell. - yea, real helpful.