I have a new machine with WinXP sp2 and Novell client 4.91 sp1. When using
Windows Explorer when I click on a directory on a Novell drive the file
list will come right up. I'll click on another directory and its file will
display. On the 3rd directory I get the hour glass and a 30 to 120 second
delay resulting in an error message: "I:\xxxx is not accessable. The
specified network name is no longer available" I'll click on the OK to
close the error window and then click on that directory name again and it
will pop right up. A couple more clicks on directories and back to the
error message and 30 to 120 seconds. I have this on 2 machines. The other
machine had XP sp1 and client 4.90 upgraded to sp2 and 4.91 with no change
in behavior.

I'm stumped! Any thoughts??