This is for all you guys out there who still use IPX as we do.

Netware 6.5 SP2, Win XP, Client 4.91, IPX, REPLY TO GET NEAREST SERVER
is OFF

In more recent versions of Netware we have noticed a huge increase in
connections to the server, the great majority of these are IPX NLI's
(not logged in connections).There can be up to 1000 NLI's per day per
server and these are not cleared.
We have completed some detailed testing and our results are as follows -

1) An NLI is created on every IPX LOGOUT
2) Multiple NLI's can be generated from multiple logouts from one
workstation and are not cleared by the connection
watchdog. The only way to clear them is on workstation restart.

In our managed environment workstations are rarely restarted.

I refer you to this TID. Its a little old, but I suspect the underlying
principles of client connection still apply.

The last section on ' Workstation issues Logout and Destroy Connection
request' makes no mention of an NLI being
made on LOGOUT as we are seeing here. It actually explicitly states that
all connections are destroyed on logout.

I think there is a bug, as this is not the behaviour we are seeing.