I'm sorry to post this question here, but I don't see another group that
this would fit in.
Please direct me elsewhere if this is not the right place to post.

I have 2 Netware 6 servers and 60 user licenses installed.

When I run PM Display on the main server I get:

49 Licensed (LS) (1)
2 Licensed (grace) (2)
3 Unlicensed (NLM) (4)

And on the second server I get:

43 Licensed (LS) (1)
1 Licensed (grace) (2)
35 Unlicensed (NLM) (4)

What exactly is this telling me?

When I run NWAdmin and run the License report it says I have 72 in use and
60 installed.

I am running into the problem that when random people log in, it won't map
their drives. And don't have rights to anywhere. Is this due to not enough

Second, is every user using 2 licenses, one for each server?

Thanks for your help.