I had a machine get infected with several spyware programs, including
Virtumondo, which took some effort to remove. After cleaning the system, I
am unable to logon to the network file server. The error message is "Tree
or server cannot be found" and then it asks whether you still want to
login to Windows. I know it is still physically connected to the network
because I can access the Internet and print to a networked printer.

My guess is that while cleaning out the spyware I inadvertently deleted a
dll file or a registry entry. System restore is not available as it had to
be turned off while removing Virtumondo.

The computer in question is running XP SP1 and has all current updates
installed. Netware version is 5.1. Client version is currently 4.90 SP2. I
have removed and reinstalled both 4.90 and 4.91 and it made no difference.

My next two ideas are to reinstall XP on top of itself or copy the
registry from another XP machine in the building and merge it with the
affected computer.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks