I've been having this particular problem for 4 months now - since we did
our major network upgrade.

We added 802.1x to the network, so we also added the AEGIS client to the
machines. Everything works fine as long as users can type their IDs and
passwords correctly. Here's the issue.

Clean boot on the machine.
Novell Login prompt appears.
Type in login information and hit enter.
AEGIS client intercepts the login and does it's bit - failing because I
messed up my password.
ACS server fires the failure back to the switch and the AEGIS client
killing off the AEGIS client.

At this point I've got an active layer 1 connection (meaning the card is
lit) to a defunct VLAN (no layer2+ connectivity).

At this point the Novell client sits and attempts to login to a server
it can't get to for 3 - 10 minutes. I've never actually timed it but
it's an amazingly long time.

I'm sure there's some timeout setting I can tweak down. Latency is a
extremely minor problem for us so dropping timers way down would work
great - if I could just get the Novell login to fail quicker.

This issue also happens if the workstation doesn't have AEGIS on it and
I don't give the switch enough time to fail over to the guest vlan
before I attepmt to login.

Win XP Pro SP2
Netware 6.5SP2
Client 4.9, 4.9SP1, 4.9SP2, 4.91, 4.91SP1
Server Name <-> address are in the hosts file
1 DA manualy configured
Workstations get IP address via DHCP