I have a novell 4.11(sp9) server with windows xp2 pro machines using
4.83sp1 clients. I can logon fine but later on programs will lock up. If I
do a CTRL ALT DEL I can see a "novell login" task running in the task
manager. If I end the "novell login task" my locked program will unfreeze
and I can continue working and I am still connected to the network. I have
tried "switching" to that task so I can see what it is trying to do but
nothing happens and I always end up just ending the task.

It usually happens with one program at a time but it varies between
different programs at different times ie: printing from AccPac, when
replying to emails, starting a database program, starting Corel
Wordperfect 8, etc. etc.

It has happened on different machines with different users logged on. I
can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Any suggestions you have would be