Hello everyone-
On one workstation, I am getting the above error when I try to browse
for the context when setting up the client. I am able to see the tree
(after a few second delay), but I am unable to go any further. I've
tried manually typing in the context and server info without any luck.
I've also tried entering the info into the client configuration page.
I've checked SLPINFO /D and the information displayed matches that of
other properly connecting workstations. I have Bad Server Name Caching
off and the time outs set to 0. It's an XP SP2 machine, and I have the
firewall disabled. The user also has Norton Internet Security and
McAfee personal firewall installed - and I disabled both. I've tried
both wireless and wired connections - same problem. Our servers are NW
6.5 sp3, all in the same tree. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.
-Derek P.