I'm not sure what the cause is, but I'm getting widespread and disparate
client implosions.

Clients are at 4.83, 4.90, 4.91.

This is in a 3 server tree, one 6.0 SP5, two 6.5 SP4a all confirmed on eDir

Clients receive generic authentication fail msg.

Clients must login locally, reinstall, reboot, then (some) sign in fine.
(JUST got a two-way from one who cannot..)

3rd server going into tree had install issues (see thread in administration
forum) and had to have Apache NDS objects removed in order to run Apache

On final install, all objects visible in C1 were removed prior to install
and server SEEMS to run fine with the exception of clients dying.

First victims seemed to have Symantec Client Security 3.0 as a commonality.
- Not so anymore.

3rd server installed is a Dell 2850 with imbedded Perc.. - Uses Dell
Assistant CD for install but this install method fails to recognize the
existing audited/unlimited MLA license in the tree..

So perhaps I'm chasing my tail with the client.. - Could this be a
licensing issue and not a client issue?

I'm ears on any and all suggestions...

Thanks in advance,