We are a K-12 school with around 300 machines. We have just set-up a
Netware 6 server and have succesfully configured that with all our staff
and student accounts, home spaces etc. Our current desktop is Windows 2000
Pro and we have set up a single machine with Novell Client 4.91 SP1. Once
we are happy that this is working perfectly we will use it as a Ghost image
for the rest of the school.

However, drive mapping is simply not reliable enough for us to roll Netware
out. Users are always authenticated and logged in without a problem but it
seems almost random as to whether their drives will be mapped correctly.
Sometimes it works fine, other times (on the same machine and with the same
user) it maps no drives at all.

We are not using ZENworks due to cost. Instead we have set the registry to
auto login users locally in Windows 2000 using a single local power user
account irrespective of who is logging in via the Novell Client.

If drive mapping fails, the user can still browse the tree in Novell
Connections and can correctly see only the volumes to which they have
permissions. But if they try and manually map a drive to one of these
volumes the mapping fails.

Can anyone please help us resolve this issue. If you need further
information in order to help then I am happy to provide what is needed.