I have a server named ADMINSTAFF (NW6.5 with SP4a patch) and I just
installed it (it has replaced an older NW5.1 server with the same name,
which I successfully removed from NDS prior to installing the new one). I
am running ip and ipx on the server. I have four other servers, two are
NW6.5 sp4 and the other two are NW5.1 sp8. One of the other NW6.5 servers
is the master server. (all servers are running ip and ipx). Anyway, the
users that attach to the ADMINSTAFF server cannot login when I have the
client (using the latest client) set for contextless login. Even I cannot
login using the admin user. I have used TID10088798 to setup contextless
login for the client and TID10090499 for the server side.
If I put in one of the other server names, I or other users can login
without errors. This just started when I installed this new server.