Trying to update all the clients (90) on our little network using a
login script, acu.exe, and an unattend.txt file.

Right now I am trying to make it work on XP using runas and sanur.exe.
In the login script I run a .bat file to make sure sanur.exe is loaded
on the machine, this works fine. Then I check to see if this is an XP
box and if so, copy the client from the server to a local folder, this
also works fine. Then I run acu.exe through sanur.exe which also works
but it runs the install after the machine is logged in an running. This
gives the user the idea that their machine is up and running but there
is an install going on that they can cancel if they want. If I sit back
and watch it, it will install then reboot like it's supposed to.


I don't want it to get past the login summary. I want it to install then
reboot without giving the user a chance to mess anything up. I used to
do this on 98 all the time.

Before someone asks why I copy the files, it's because when using
sanur.exe you lose access to mapped drives.

Here is my login script:

REM **Check for sanur.exe **

REM ***** Windows NT/2000 *****
WRITE "Checking for Novell Client update. Windows NT/2000. Please wait..."

REM ** Copy client files **

REM ** Run install as admin **
#%<COMSPEC> /C runas /user:Administrator "C:\TEMP\CLIENT\acu.exe" |
C:\TEMP\sanur.exe password