We're moving a few users from Win98SE to XPPro boxes, and installed the
latest client 4.91 SP2. At the same time, we're removing IPX and operating
the server (NW 5.0 SP6A) with bindings to both IPX and TCP/IP until all
IPX devices are re-configured as necessary. No problems there.

However, after installing client 4.91 SP2 on a new XP Pro box with only
TCP/IP, I'm unable to connect to the file server. I applied the post-SP2
patches, but no improvement. Client won't connect and keeps displaying
the "Tree or server not found" message. No problems pinging the server at
its static IP address in the subnet from the XP Pro PC.

Other than the post-SP2 patches, the KB doesn't address this problem.

I'm stumped; any ideas, y'all?