Hello list.

In my network we have several users who are using two trees. Often they got Error 89fc (tree cannot be found) during login.
Primary tree use 6.5 Sp4 servers and the second tree 5.1 Sp5.
Client version is 4.91Sp1 on XP-Pro machines. The error come only when only the IP-protocol is installed. With IPX and IP there is no problem to login. I added the server to Diretory Agent list. But this wasn't the solution. I'm planning to remove the IPX from my network.
In the KB I found the TID
but the client version is not the same. I tested it also with 4.92 - the error comes again :(.

Any ideas? Thx in advance for your replies :).

Best regards from Hannover, Germany

Dirk Emmermacher