Not sure if this is the correct group or not. If it is not, please let
me know where to post.

We have a client that is having an issue when they go to look at NetWare
Rights on a folder through Windows Explorer. When they go to the
properties of the folder > click on the NetWare Rights tab, they will
see a users name listed numerous times. This single user is listed
instead of the actual correct names that are supposed to be there. If
you go onto another computer or in ConsoleOne, the list of trusted users
is correct and doesn't repeat any users.

Now, I would say that there is something wrong with this workstation,
however it is happening on more than one workstation. There is no
apparent differences between workstations that it is doing it on and
those that it is not doing it on. They are all XP SP2 workstations
running client 4.9 sp2

Has anyone else seen this?