Hi Everyone

We have a problem where users are receiving this pop-up balloon telling
them that a delayed write failed and they they may have lost some data.

Despite me knowing that they have definately not lost data, it tends to
strike fear and panic into the users who then get on the phone to the

How do I know they have not lost data? Well, because they only have R+F
rights to the files in question.

eg. If a user runs the Citrix ICA client which uses a bunch of session
files stored centrally on the server (so we can update them easily) the
ICA runs OK but when the session is closed, it tries to refresh the
session file stored on the server. As there are no rights for the user, it
can't and what used to happen was nothing. Now, the user gets the popup
balloon to say delayed write etc. etc.

We are using...

NW6.5 SP4
Workstations are Windows XP SP2 with all current hotfixes and SP's
installed via WSUS

Problem did not happen with XP or 2K workstations running from a NW5.1

Any thoughts?