Hello everyone,

there is a strange problem, which may or may not be the client's fault.
I've tried it with win2k (sp4 integrated) and WinXP (sp2 integrated).
The symptoms: either with client version 4.9 or 4.91 (no matter what
support pack level), _some_ of the clients reboot when I try to access
the network volumes. This happens not only in Windows Explorer, but
sometimes in Total Commander, just selecting the drive, or a directory
on it causes the machine to reboot instantly. I have tried it with at
least 3 different types of machines (two HPs and one Fujitsu Scaleo),
but the symptoms are the same. It doesn't matter which user I'm loggen
in as, tried it with admin and some ordinary user, still the same.

What the heck could be this? Any clues?

Gabor Sipos