Hello. I work as a tech for a school board and here is my problem.
The users are running Windows Xp Pro Tablet Edition on a Toshiba Tecra
M4 with novell client 4.9sp2 and aegis client 2.2.7 to authenticate to
our radius server. Here is the problem. The students use the aegis
client to authenticate in the morning and when they leave at night,
they have to deactivate the client so that they can connect wirelessly
at home. Before turning off the system, the students reactivate the
client so that they can connect at school again. My problem is this. :
When the computer turns back on in the morning, the aegis client no
longer loads. As far as I know, the students are only activating and
deactivating the client, something that i do on a daily basis and never
loose the client myself.

Please ask if you need anymore information about our setup to
further assist me.

Network Technician.