We are having a problem with creating directories and could use some
help getting back on track.

We log in with the Windows Novell Client version 4.91 SP2. We are unable
to create directories after login. The server is OES, Linux kernel, SP2.
It has recently been patched to SP2 through downloaded CD's and through
red carpet from the command line. The error message reads 'Unable to
create the folder 'New Folder' The system cannot find the path
specified.' Rights are granted in NDS as RWCEMF. This error happens in
the same way on all mounted volumes. It happens to the admin user.
Volumes are NCP. Volumes are not NSS. The problem is likely to have
occurred after updates were applied. The server was not rebooted
immediately after updates were applied. At some point later after the
reboot, the problem was reported. It happens to all Windows client users.

There is odd phenomenon as well:

We are able to create files normally with the Windows client.
We are able to create directories when going through the NetStorage
We are able to create directories when logging in as a Linux user on the
We are able to create directories in iFolder 3.2.

I have reapplied the ncp server components from the OES SP2 CD's with
Yast. This was not an uninstall. More like one would apply an update
normally through Yast. There was no change in the error.
I have used the SPident program to check the Service Pack level. It
reports that I am up to date at OES-9-i386-SP2 + "online updates".
I ran ndsrepair -U, and found a few errors that seemed inconsequential.
Ran it twice and Number of Errors=0.
Users are created as LUM Enabled. All has been working great until recently.

Thanks very much for any insight into this problem.