Having just fallen foul of the problem with pervasive 8 and the 4.91SP2
client and wasted many hours trying to find the problem I tried to
uninstall the 4.92 client and all the NMAS components on a W2K server.
This went wrong because it could not find some of the NMAS components
uninstall information which seems to have been in a temporary folder in a
temporary Administrator's Profile which has been deleted. Its looking for
an .msi file which does not seem to exist anywhere in the 4.91SP2 client
(can't understand this). So I thought that I would go back and look at
the original 4.91 client and overlay it again. I have deleted it and I
can't find it anywhere on the web site. My CD has 4.90SP1 on it and I
have searched the web site but I can only find SP1 and SP2. Can anybody
tell me the secret of where to find the 4.91 download please?

Max Dale