Hi All

I am getting very frustrated with Novell and their lack of support
for network level security. There are now 2 TIDs out there describing
how Novell does not support 802.1X with the client logon. This is
getting rediculous, all the switch vendors out there are using 802.1X to
secure access to their switch ports, it is really the only option left
for securing access to your wired and wireless networks.

Novell is shooting themselves in their own foot on this, MS Client
already supports 802.1X for it's client and single sign on. I had the
pleasure of hearing my boss say " I wonder if we switched to MS if we
wouldn't have this many problems" on the client side I could not
disagree, on the server side I could.

Anyway, Novell needs to get their act together and offer a 802.1X
suplicant for their clients and they need to ensure there are
authentication methods/directory access methods that work with the major
switch companies, most notably Cisco.

I know there is a free suplicant out there, but it still has limited
functionality and the other options you have to pay for and they aren't
cheap, especially when you consider you are just logging into your own
network. As far as stepping on toes with their software partners, well I
am sorry those software partners see Novell as last on the list to update

Anyways, I have put in my enhancement request to Novell and I hope
all of you running into the same problem do the same.