I am a novice end-user who knows almost nothing about Novell and has no
local tech support available.

My problem relates to a Win98 PC that was a client (v4.51) in Novell 5
office network. This old PC was taken home to be used in a home
network (non-Novell) and was "upgraded" to Win 2000. After the upgrade
I am unable to login into Win2000 because I can't get by the main client
32 login screen. The previous Novell network user's name appears and I
am using her old password, but it doesn't work. I tried checking the
box "Workstation Only" and then I am presented with the Windows NT
login screen...same problem. The bottom line is I can't get into Win

I'd appreciate knowing how to get into Win2000 and then knowing how to
uninstall Client 32.

Regarding uninstalling Client 32, I have searched the client forums and
saw a post about going to http://download.novell.com to get unc32.exe.
Is this the uninstall program I need for removing client ver 4.51, and
if so, is there some way to run it without being logged in to Win2000?